Why Zambia customer choosed our HOWO 12 wheels dump truck

1. Zambia – our main markets in Africa:

We were contacted by a customer from Zambia. Zambia is one of the main markets for our company, where people are accustomed to using right-hand cars. After an in-depth conversation with the customer, we learned that the customer needed a 40-ton truck for his project. Based on the customer’s needs, we recommended the HOWO 8×4 dump truck, which fully meets his needs.

In the course of communication with the customer, we introduced the specific specifications of the truck to the customer in detail and provided a detailed quotation. The customer was satisfied with our presentation and offer and finally decided to purchase the truck from our company.

2. Why recommend HOWO 12 wheels 8×4 dump truck?

HOWO 12 wheels 8×4 dump truck has 4 axles, rear two-axle drive, it can load 30t-50t. The dump truck is a special truck that uses the engine power to drive the hydraulic lifting device, tilts its compartment at a certain Angle to unload, and then relies on the body weight to reset it. Mainly transport sand, stone, soil, garbage, building materials, coal, ore and so on. Usually, its horse power is during 380hp – 430hp.

The truck is a 12-wheel dump truck with an 8×4 drive configuration, with a HOWO A7 series nose and a single-deck flat compartment, a design that makes it ideal for short-haul work. The cab of the vehicle is designed as a right hand rudder form, which means that it is designed for a country or region driving on the right, with the driver entering and operating from the right side of the vehicle.

The truck is Euro2 compliant, which ensures that its performance in emission control meets the emission requirements of countries such as Zambia. In terms of size, the overall size of the truck is 10,825 mm (long) x 2,496 mm (wide) x 3,650 mm (high), which ensures that it has enough room to carry a large amount of cargo. The vehicle’s repair mass (that is, the weight of the vehicle plus the standard configuration but excluding cargo and fuel) is 15,420 kg, indicating that it is indeed a large heavy vehicle capable of carrying out significant transport tasks.

Overall, the 12-wheel Tipper in an 8×4 drive configuration, with its HOWO A7 nose, single-deck flat compartment, right-hand rudder design, Euro2 emissions standards, and sheer size and weight, is a powerful vehicle suitable for short and heavy haulage in regions such as Zambia.

The cargo box of the truck is 7600mm long, 2300mm wide and 1500mm high. The material construction of the body is robust, consisting of an 8-millimeter thick bottom and 6-millimeter thick sides. This design allows for a substantial load capacity of up to 40 tons. The lifting mechanism of the carriage operates from the front side, which is an advantageous feature for certain loading operations. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a fuel tank that has a capacity of 300 liters, ensuring prolonged operational ranges without refueling. The clutch system utilized is a single-plate dry clutch with a diameter of 430 millimeters, known for its reliability and efficiency.

One of the most critical components of the truck, from the perspective of customers, is the engine. The truck offers a variety of engine options with horsepower ranging from 380 to 430, catering to different performance needs. In the case of this particular truck, it is fitted with a Weichai diesel engine that boasts 400 horsepower, making it a powerful and efficient choice for heavy-duty tasks. The model number of the engine is WP12.400E201, which indicates its configuration of six cylinders arranged in-line and cooled by water. The engine utilizes direct injection technology, enhancing both power output and fuel efficiency. The bore and stroke measurements are 126 millimeters by 155 millimeters, respectively, culminating in a displacement volume of approximately 11.596 liters.

Complementing the engine is the transmission system, which plays a crucial role in the truck’s operational dynamics. The transmission model employed here is HW19710+HW50 PTO, offering a versatile setup with ten forward gears and two reverse gears. This extensive range of gears ensures that the truck can handle a wide array of driving conditions and road inclines, providing smooth and responsive control regardless of the load or terrain.

The rear axle is equipped with HC16 type rear axle, which is made of pressed axle housing for higher strength and durability. The design of the center two-stage reducer, combined with the differential lock between the axles and the wheels, ensures the power transmission efficiency and vehicle passability under different road conditions. The design of this differential lock is especially suitable for complex and changeable road conditions, which can effectively distribute power and improve the off-road capability of the vehicle.

As for the tyres, the car uses 12R22.5 tyres. This tyre is of moderate size and provides good driving stability and comfort while ensuring sufficient ground area. The 12R22.5 tire specification, which means that the tire has a diameter of 22.5 inches and a width of 12 inches, and R stands for radial tires, this type of tire is widely used in modern vehicles because they offer better wear resistance and fuel efficiency.

To sum up, the specifications of this truck indicate a high-capacity, powerful machine designed to meet the demanding needs of transportation in various industries. Its combination of a spacious cargo body, robust chassis, potent engine options, and versatile transmission makes it a valuable asset for those who require reliable and heavy-duty logistic solutions

After the After the customer paid 30% of the total amount as a deposit, our factory began to enter the production phase. This deposit is not only a trust in our production capacity, but also a commitment to the entire project, ensuring that the cooperation between the two parties goes smoothly.

As production progresses and when the truck is built, we take a number of steps to ensure customer satisfaction with the product. We will not only take high-quality photos, but also record videos, and through these intuitive mediums, customers can clearly see every detail of the truck they order, from appearance to functionality, ensuring that the product meets their requirements and expectations.

After the customer is satisfied with the finished product and has paid the remaining amount, we begin to arrange the delivery process. Normally, our 12-wheeler dump trucks are transported by bulk carriers. This mode of transportation is economical and efficient, ensuring that trucks reach their destinations safely and in a timely manner.

To further enhance our customers’ peace of mind, we take photos of trucks in real time as they arrive at Chinese ports and are loaded on board. These photos not only record the truck’s loading process, but also provide customers with real-time logistics information, allowing them to keep track of the truck’s transportation status at any time.

Through these meticulous services, we ensure that our customers feel professional and attentive throughout the purchase process, so that they can trade with peace of mind and look forward to the smooth and safe arrival of their ordered trucks.

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