HOWO Tractor Head Truck to Zimbabwe

Export 10Wheels 400HP Sinotruk Howo tractor Head truck to Zimbabwe

HOWO Tractor Head Truck to Zimbabwe

Case Summary:

1.Customer: Mr. Michael

2.Customer’s Country: Zimbabwe

3.Products: 2 units Sinotruck Howo 6X4 400HP tractor truck

4.Actual delivery time: 16 days production time + 25 days shipping time

5.Port of destination: Dar es Salaam

HOWO Tractor Head Truck to Zimbabwe

(1) Start of order:

Mr. Michael, from Zimbabwe, operates in the construction industry and owns various brands of tractor trucks like Volvo, Hino, and Scania. Interested in trying the popular Sinotruk Howo brand, he discovered our company through our website. After learning about our Sinotruk Howo trucks, he expressed interest in purchasing 2 units of the 400HP 6×4 10-wheeler Sinotruk Howo tractor truck.

Given Zimbabwe’s right-hand drive requirement, we assured Mr. Michael of our experience in exporting to Zimbabwe and promptly provided previous export documentation for verification. We recommended the 400HP 6×4 10-wheeler RHD model, which Mr. Michael found satisfactory after reviewing specifications and discussing pricing options including FOB Tianjin and CIF Dar es Salaam.

HOWO Tractor Head Truck to Zimbabwe

The new Sinotruk Howo tractor truck, equipped with a WP12.400E201 engine and Triangle brand tires, impressed Mr. Michael with its ability to haul 30-40 tons and robust power. He quickly decided on purchasing two units, opting for white color, and promptly submitted the required deposit.

Upon receiving the deposit, we confirmed all details with Mr. Michael to ensure alignment on specifications and preferences. Production of the tractor trucks commenced promptly following confirmation, aiming to meet Mr. Michael’s expectations and delivery timeline.

HOWO Tractor Head Truck to Zimbabwe

(2) Order fulfillment:

After 16 days, the trucks were completed, and we promptly shared videos and photos with Mr. Michael for inspection. Satisfied with the condition, Mr. Michael settled the remaining 70% balance. Upon receiving the full payment, we booked a bulk ship to transport the two Sinotruk Howo trucks to Dar es Salaam port, chosen for its cost-effectiveness. To protect against seawater damage, we ensured the trucks were loaded below deck and secured insurance coverage for added security, providing Mr. Michael with photos of the loading process.

Throughout the shipping process, we kept Mr. Michael informed with regular updates on the shipment’s progress. Upon receipt of the original bill of lading, we swiftly dispatched all necessary documents—packing list, commercial invoice, and bill of lading—via DHL to facilitate customs clearance. We also provided DHL tracking numbers and shipping company voyage details for Mr. Michael’s convenience in tracking the shipment.

Approximately 25 days later, Mr. Michael received his tractor trucks and successfully completed customs clearance. We assured him of our continued support and encouraged him to reach out with any future concerns. Mr. Michael expressed gratitude for our service, praising the trucks for their quality and appearance. He expressed interest in maintaining a long-term partnership with us.

HOWO Tractor Head Truck to Zimbabwe

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