Used trucks


To ensure the quality of the trucks and provide customers with a driving experience similar to that of a new truck, we have carefully selected high-quality used trucks and refurbished these used trucks comprehensively. Offer three different levels of refurbished truck:

This level focuses on basic cleaning and repairs of the used trucks, including replacing damaged parts, repairing minor damage, and carrying out necessary maintenance work. This level of renovation ensures the normal operation and use of the truck.

In addition to basic Refurbish, this level involves replacing key components of the used trucks (such as the engine assembly, transmission clutch plate, tires, etc.) This level of renovation significantly improves the performance of the used trucks.

This level involves a comprehensive transformation of the used truck, including replacing the old engine, cab, hydraulic system, electrical system, and optimizing the structure of the vehicle. This level of renovation brings the vehicle back to a brand new state.