A Promising Star in African – Sinotruk Mining Dump Truck

In recent years, Sinotruk Mining Dump truck has achievedIn recent years, Sinotruk Mining Dump truck Mining King has achieved multi-regional coverage in Africa, including the Congo gold mining area, where it has been widely used. Each region has achieved batch sales, with the largest single batch reaching over 100 units and total sales increasing year by year.

Sinotruk ming truck

The success of Sinotruk Mining Dump truck in Africa is not only due to the excellent technology and perfect design of China Heavy Truck’s products, but also because the marketing personnel have integrated China Heavy Truck’s family-like service into it.

Firstly, the advantages of Sinotruk Mining Dump truck are undeniable. With the high-quality platform of China Heavy Truck’s dump trucks, the Mining King has impressed people from the moment it entered the market, especially its cab and front and rear axles design which cannot be compared with other domestic manufacturers. The Mining King has a cargo box size of 5.7*3.1*1.8 (small dump truck: 5.6*2.3*1.8), with a volume of 31.8 cubic meters, while ordinary dump trucks have a volume of 23.2 cubic meters, meaning one Mining King can replace about one and a half ordinary dump trucks. This significantly reduces the driver labor costs, fuel costs, fleet management costs, and maintenance costs. Considering problems from the user’s perspective is the primary principle of doing business.

Secondly, accurate market positioning and timing of product introduction are equally important. The macroeconomic situation in Africa requires high efficiency, high benefit, and low cost logistics transportation. Sinotruk Mining Dump truck was born in response to this macro requirement in the short-distance earthmoving market in mines.

When introducing new products, spare parts must be put in place. China Heavy Truck has established a strong spare parts sales network in Africa to ensure that every user can find the required parts in time and ensure the smooth use of the product by customers.

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